High-quality cannabis extracts, produced ethically in the best conditions on Earth.

Medicinal grade.

The Colombian climate fosters open-air greenhouse propagation. This means we can grow cannabis as it’s meant to be grown, without any additives or simulated conditions. We only use real rainwater and sunlight. And it’s even more environmentally friendly because the plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Balanced Day & Night Cycle

Natural Rainwater

Fertile & Nutritious Soil


With strong sunlight, fertile soil and an even 12-hour day and night cycle, Colombia is the best place in the world to grow cannabis.

World's largest licensed producer

Growing Space

260football fields

Yearly Flower Capacity


We’re the first company to hold Colombian licences for cannabis with unrestricted percentages of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), making us the world’s largest licensed producer.

Our medicinal-grade oil extracts and related products provide reliable, standardized relief and wellness formulas for patients in need, including those requiring higher levels of THC.

Growing to scale

We’ve become the dominant player in Colombia’s cannabis sector, and we plan to keep growing quickly. Our facility features 12.1 hectares (1.3 million square feet) of open-air greenhouses ready for cultivation and will supply plant seedlings to over 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) of contract growers’ open-air greenhouses for final cultivation. We’re working on the construction and commercial commissioning of a downstream processing facility and commenced commercial sales in 2019.

Giving back and growing responsibly

We don’t just operate out of Colombia; we’re committed to generating economic growth within the country, furthering Colombia’s medical cannabis industry, and giving back to the Colombian people. This inclusive approach ensures that Colombia’s indigenous communities, which have decades and even centuries of experience cultivating ancient Colombian strains of cannabis for spiritual and medicinal use, have their rightful seat at the table of the cannabis industry.

PharmaCielo Foundation

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The PharmaCielo team is committed to achieving recognition as the world’s leading supplier of naturally grown and processed, standardized medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products.

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