Investing in the future of cannabis

We’re a dominant, vertically integrated Colombian cannabis company.

Colombia is one of the few global jurisdictions that have the readily scalable production capacity, expertise and legislative framework to sustainably meet global cannabis demand over the mid- and long-term. The country’s ideal growing environment and decades of experience has made it the foremost supplier of other agricultural commodities including coffee, cut flowers and bananas.

PharmaCielo’s management team and Board of Directors have experience scaling global commodity and consumer goods businesses both within Colombia and around the world. Learn more about our team here.

PharmaCielo is on track to rapidly scale its vertically integrated Colombian operations, while expanding operations globally.

139 hectares (15 Million square feet) of available cultivation capacity1

PharmaCielo received its Colombian manufacturing licence in 2016 and has rapidly become the dominant player in Colombia’s rapidly growing legal cannabis sector. The company is licensed to produce both CBD-dominant and THC-dominant cannabis under quota from the Colombian government. The company was the first Colombian recipient of a licence to cultivate THC-dominant strains and produce THC-focused cannabis oil extracts.

2019 commercial-scale production & sale

The company is currently producing CBD-focused cannabis oil extracts. PharmaCielo is completing the construction of its GMP2 certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) oil processing facility and expects to begin commercial-scale production and sale of both CBD-focused and THC-focused cannabis oil extracts during the second half of 2019.

Medical research and education

Working with Colombia’s leading medical school, CES University, PharmaCielo contributed to the development of and is a sponsor of academic certification programs for medical practitioners on the science and application of cannabis-based treatments to the patient community, which will equip medical practitioners with skills and knowledge unparalleled internationally.

With internationally recognized medical researchers, PharmaCielo is also a sponsor of significant research studies on the application of cannabis as a medical treatment, seeking to expand and deepen the knowledge of the medical and patient communities alike.

Downstream sales clinic expansion and development

The company has reached an agreement with UBIQUO to buy the entire company and operate its system. UBIQUO is Colombia’s leading telemedicine, medical patient and e-health platform. UBIQUO currently has over 80,000 patients on its platform in its home base of Medellin. PharmaCielo will be opening clinics in seven additional Colombian jurisdictions, which is expected to significantly grow UBIQUO’s patient base, beginning in 2019. Growing from this core base, a broad network of clinical and doctor relationships will be established throughout the country, providing direct access to practitioners and patients in treatment-focused settings.

The company is in constant and active negotiations to enter additional prospective international markets, initially in Mexico and Italy. With a sustainable, low-cost, scalable cultivation and production model, PharmaCielo has the capacity to grow rapidly and generate significant shareholder value.

115 million square feet comprised of: 1.3 million-square-foot nursery & propagation centre (Company-owned), 0.4 million square feet of open-air greenhouses owned by the Company with indigenous growers and 13.3 million square feet of open-air greenhouse capacity accessed through contract growers.

2GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations