Inside open-air cannabis greenhouse where drug is grown for doctors not dealers

UK Daily Mirror, Jan. 29, 2019, By Tom Parry

EXCLUSIVE  In a vast open-air greenhouse thousands of sweet-smelling marijuana plants are being grown for doctors rather than dealers. This immense plantation in the lush green mountains above the Colombian city of Medellin is the heart of the world’s foremost fully-licensed medicinal cannabis farm. Here at PharmaCielo, leading scientists and horticulturists are working together to convert the plants’ sticky flowers into an oil which can help people with a wide range of serious health problems. As a British company this week announced plans for the UK’s first legal cannabis firm in Wiltshire, the Mirror was given an exclusive tour of PharmaCielo’s premises. Leading the global cannabis revolution since its creation in Canada in 2014, PharmaCielo is creating products it says will provide vital pain relief for patients like British schoolboy Alfie Dingley, an epilepsy sufferer. … “We had the first production licence to convert cannabis flower into oil here in Colombia,” says PharmaCielo’s Chief Corporate Officer David Gordon during a tour of the site which can have nearly 28 hectares of cannabis under cultivation. We also have an export licence. Our focus is solely medicinal not recreational, though; we produce oils, not dried flowers.” … Read more.