La Republica Talks With PharmaCielo CEO Anthony Wile

La Republica – Aug 30, 2018

PharmaCielo is pleased to share a recent article published in the prestigious Colombian newspaper La Republica. The article has been published only in Spanish, available to read online here. To briefly summarize for our English readers, PharmaCielo Ltd. CEO Anthony Wile sat down with La Republica‘s Johnny Giraldo López to talk about a range of topics including why Colombia is positioned as one of the world’s most attractive nations to be able to contribute to the development of cannabis-based medicines, the current state of the medicinal cannabis industry, PharmaCielo’s product development and distribution strategies and more. The interview also discussed PharmaCielo’s nursery and propagation centre in La Ceja, Antioquia that has two hectares of land under cultivation as well as genetic testing and development being conducted on-site; 10% of the company’s quota for THC dominant cannabis production has been assigned to indigenous tribes in keeping with regulations and to support the region. The article notes that the company is in the process of demonstrating the therapeutic effects of the plant varieties under development and is developing protocols to ensure third parties will not use them for recreational purposes, in order to register products with the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA). Mr. Wile expressed optimism that given national regulatory developments underway, PharmaCielo will be able to begin distribution of its products in early 2019. The interviewer noted that, in addition, with private capital of CAD 100 million, the company is preparing to go public in mid-October.