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State of the Art and
Second to None.

The Extracts You Need at
the Scale You Demand

With our new state-of-the-art processing and extraction facility, PharmaCielo brings unrivalled capabilities and
expertise to our production of high-quality cannabis extracts for large channel distributors.

Licensed to produce both CBD- and THC-dominant cannabis extracts, PharmaCielo delivers a complete range of medicinal cannabis oil, distillates and isolates for B2B customers worldwide, including:

• Full Spectrum
• Broad Spectrum
• Pure CBD Isolates
• Water-soluble Cannabinoids
• Customized Extracts

The Greatest Care and Precision at Every Step

From harvest to finished product, PharmaCielo extracts meet the highest standards, with quality control systems and procedures in place at every stage of production.

Whether is a THC or CBD Extract or Distillate, a pure isolate powder, or a unique custom formulation, our extraction processes are carried out by world-class experts using the most advanced equipment and the most precise techniques.

Reliability at Scale

PharmaCielo is built from the ground up to be the reliable supply chain partner for global businesses who require medicinal cannabis extracts.
Our workforce of 400+ employees harvests and process 4 full crop cycles per year from our 12 hectares of open-air greenhouses. This exceptionally productive cultivation ensures a steady source of high quality flower inputs for our extraction operations.
Our 2000 m2 processing facility has the scale to match, with a capacity of 360 tonnes of processed biomass.

Unique Formulations Made to Order

PharmaCielo is built not just for scale, quality, and consistency, but is completely equipped to develop, produce and reliably deliver custom extract solutions for our global partners.