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Premium quality,
unique genetics,
grown at scale.

The Perfect Location for the
Perfect Conditions

The Rionegro region of Colombia gives PharmaCielo the best possible setting for both high quality and high productivity in growing cannabis:

• Natural 12-hour daylight cycle all year long
• Ample natural water supplies
• 4 full grow/harvest cycles per year

Does Colombia Export Cannabis Flower?

The government of Colombia has prioritized the develop of the cannabis export industry. After the success seen with the legal export of medicinal cannabis extracts, the government has moved forward with the legalization of dried flower export. The final regulatory framework is being finalized and is expected for early 2022.

Advanced Genetics – the Key
to Stable, Consistent Flower

PharmaCielo has built one of the world’s only advanced tissue and culture labs dedicated to the in vitro multiplication and long-term preservation of cannabis cultivars. This forward-looking approach allows for 100% renewal of the mother plant and has many advantages over traditional seed and cloning approaches.

Our tissue culture micropropagation helps to ensure the stability of our chemotypes, which include some of the world’s rarest landrace strains.

• In vitro propagation for genetic stability
• Consistent crops with minimal variation
• Improved yield, potency and disease-resistance
• Pathogen-free

A Deep Genetic Pool

The genetic diversity of our seed bank is one of PharmaCielo’s greatest resources. Rigorous pheno-hunting has produced a pool of more than 400 varieties, including 30 registered cultivars. This genetic treasure trove includes rare native Colombian and landrace varieties.

As a result of this depth and expertise, PharmaCielo is able to grow flower with the exact characteristics that a customer demands, from the percentages of cannabinoids like THC and CBD to unique profiles of terpenes and flavonoids.

• 400+ genetic pool
• 250 potential new cultivars
• 30 registered cultivars
• Rare land race varieties

Vigorous Processes for the
Best Possible Outcome

As our plants grow, every care is taken to ensure the best possible outcome.

Environmental conditions are monitored in real time. We proactively prevent disease and infestation using chemical-free methods of integrated pest management (IPM) such as natural antagonists like fungi, bacteria and nematodes.

And as the plants mature, trichomes are monitored daily so that harvesting is done at the most optimal moment for quality and consistency.

• IPM and natural proactive prevention
• Real-time monitoring of conditions
• Optimal harvest based on trichome status