Grown and Processed With a Positive Impact

Fertile soil.
Natural rainwater.
The perfect amount of sun.

Growing cannabis isn’t that different from cultivating the millions of flowers grown in more than 7,000 open-air Colombian greenhouses. Like the chrysanthemums and other flowers that Colombia is known for, all plants require three principal ingredients to grow: fertile soil, sunlight and water. Colombia’s climate fosters open-air greenhouse propagation, which enables plant cultivation to benefit the environment by absorbing C02 from the atmosphere and releasing large amounts of oxygen back.

Across the entire production cycle, we take steps to create a net positive environmental impact.

The natural choice in every way

Nursery and Propagation Centre


Light & Dark Cycle


Fertilizer/Pest Control


Natural Water


Our 27-hectare nursery and propagation centre, our network of cultivation and harvest farms, and our partners at Cooperativa Caucannabis all benefit from natural sunlight. Our operations don’t strain local power grids because sunlight is provided consistently on a “12 hours light to 12 hours dark” cycle year-round.

Our soil is replenished naturally with microorganisms and recycled waste plant material. PharmaCielo co-founder Federico Cock-Correa built Colombia’s largest exporter of proprietary natural fertilizer and pest control products. No synthetic fertilizers or insecticides are used in any part of PharmaCielo’s nursery or cultivation – we use all-natural fertilization and pest control.

We don’t rely on public supplies for irrigation needs at any of our growing sites, either. Every cultivation location is equipped with natural water reservoirs that consistently supply rainwater throughout the year.

In parallel, our processing facilities were designed fulfilling all GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) standards, ensuring that products are consistently high in quality and guaranteeing total traceability. Our scientific commitment begins with breeding research, utilizing traditional and molecular techniques to develop and register the very best cannabis cultivars and assuring that we are ready to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market. Post-harvest oil processing is accompanied by equally rigorous science, as our laboratories and scientists take full advantage of all modern technologies and research to ensure the consistency and purity of our oil extracts, meeting rigorous quality standards.

That’s what makes us the natural choice.