PharmaCielo CCO David Gordon Talks With Business of Cannabis Live, “#bofclive with David Gordon, PharmaCielo,” August 2, 2019

David Gordon, Chief Corporate Officer with PharmaCielo Ltd, joins “Business of Cannabis Live” host Jay Rosenthal to discuss the company’s recent exciting announcements and where PharmaCielo is headed now that the “export world” is open for business and the company’s production capacity is massively increased!

#BofCLive with David Gordon, PharmaCielo

Here’s a quick transcript of some of the highlights:

Jay: At all the cannabis conferences now and a lot of the conversations … it’s blank, blank, blank, Colombia, blank, blank, blank Colombia.  Is it as exciting down there as the talk up here would suggest?

David: Ah, it’s tremendously exciting down there. Everything’s going on. We’re the first player in the market down there, yes, but the market as a whole, the industry as a whole in Colombia is developing on a daily basis. We’ve got industry associations, we’ve got other players, we’ve got just activity and action and people constantly wanting to visit and see what it’s all about. …

Jay: I want to sort of test this thesis off you … Cannabis is a worldwide market, or growing into one, there are Canadian-based companies and companies that have a presence here that are literally and figuratively growing around the world, and that companies like PharmaCielo will lead that charge there and everywhere.

David: That’s an absolute truth. The cannabis sector is a global sector. Our original business strategy and our continued business strategy is about maintaining the ability to supply the world, no one market over another. Canada is a nice market for us to be in, it’s our home, but it is by no means essential or necessary. Each of them, though, added together, Colombia likewise … . Every day as governments and industry around the world starts to figure it out a bit more another wall comes down. But then you turn the page and there’s a whole new blank page the next day and you’ve got to start all over again.

Jay: You guys just got the first export authority from Colombia to export CBD isolate from there around the world, presumably. What does that mean in terms of process for you guys? What is the regulatory process like in Colombia  versus anywhere else, and how long does that take to actually get?

David: In this instance, it took us about 4+ months of working on a daily basis of working with the government, because no one’s asked them before, so they’re trying to figure out what’s the answer. The permission to export– we were granted the original permission when we granted our license, but to finalize that you’ve got to do it, got to fulfill certain obligations. I’ll call it 25, 20-odd, individual certifications, pieces of paper if you will – there’s a fat book that the government finally looks through and says, “Great. You’ve got all the ground covered; you’re good to go.”And that’s the huge jumping-off point for us because now the world is accessible to us–

Jay: And it’s hungry for this.

David: –and the world’s received the information very well and we’ve had more than a couple of phone calls as a result.

Jay: I’m sure you have, but it also comes on the heels of another announcement, or in conjunction with, that you guys have increased your extraction capacity … by 12X – that’s a massive increase, yeah?

David: … In conjunction with permission to start to supply to the world we have to ensure we have the capacity to do so. All these are operating on parallel tracks. What we’ve done is increase our processing capacity by that volume – twelvefold – and that means that today we have 12.1 hectares under full cultivation. We now have the ability to cultivate, harvest and process dried flower for a considerably greater amount of land, and that’s what we’re continuing to move towards.

Jay: Yeah. That’s exciting, eh?

David: Yeah. And by extension it means our extracts output is dramatically greater.

Jay: It’s not just the cultivation or extraction or authority to extract, but you’re making corporate moves, too. We saw an announcement that you guys plan to acquire Creso labs, and that’s a big deal.

David: That’s a huge deal. It’s a huge opportunity for us. Creso’s a great bunch of folks, essentially based out of Switzerland, coming primarily out of the pharma sector. Creso and us, we started from different ends of the spectrum. We started with the green: How do we grow this, how do we do it better than anyone else or as well as anyone else, and how do we process it? They started from the other end and said, if we have this stuff, what do we do with it? What’s the product I create? And then they started to move back. And we meet in the middle. … Their products are already in 13 different markets globally, so it allows us to leapfrog what we would have to do all on our own, puts a bunch of great scientists and folks involved with us, and opens up in both human health and wellness and animal health wellness, so it opens all kinds of new areas.

Jay: It’s good to hear the sort of feet-on-the-ground, real work being done, to marry up with the conversation at cannabis conferences in Canada, which can seem very far apart often, but to actually get a chance to connect and talk about  what it’s act like down on the ground. What is the sense there? Is there this sense that Colombia is going to be this world player in the worldwide cannabis market?

David: Absolutely. The industry in Colombia as a whole is starting to really form. We’re the ground-breaker, and that’s great and that’s wonderful and we take great pride in that. But the success is really as you see others start to work together. We’re all competitors at the end of the day, but we’ve got a common interest. And knowing that when you define an industry it takes more than one player and that there are, and that Colombia is seeing itself and being increasingly seen by the world as an industry and as a participant as a whole is a tremendously important achievement. There are some great operators down there. Everyone does their own thing and does it their own way so we’re not all quite the same, but the common interest really verifies a lot of what we’re doing.

Jay: It’s exciting to watch. I’m thankful that you came back … . I hope down the road you’ll spend more time and you’ll come back and give us an update about what’s going on.

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