PharmaCielo granted new cannabis licenses in Colombia as competition heats up in Latin America, By Jordan Shapiro, Feb. 11, 2019

PharmaCielo (TSXV:PCLO) (CVE:PCLO) … announced last Wednesday that they had been granted a proprietary license for 10 unique CBD and THC strains under Colombia’s national cultivar registry. These licenses come as a part of a national shift for Colombia to regulate its illegal drug trade and bring global prominence to one of its major agricultural products. … In 2016 Colombia, again, passed historic legislation to take marijuana cultivation from the hands of the drug lords and legalize and regulate it for medical use. Today, the country wants to utilize its historic brand as a purveyor and cultivator of high-quality cannabis by inviting international companies, like PharmaCielo and grow medical marijuana to be exported across the globe. …  Why does a proprietary strain matter? Medicine is proprietary. Companies can charge double or more for medicinal compounds they patent and own. Marijuana is no different. … Different combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes, the major medical and psychoactive compounds in cannabis, can affect the consumer differently, sometimes negatively. For cannabis companies looking to participate in the medical market, they need to assure doctors and patients that their doses are consistent, safe, and effective for the illness they are treating. PharmaCielo’s proprietary strain aligns them with pharmaceutical companies, demonstrating that producers have control over dosing and strength of the compounds. … PharmaCielo has Colombia’s only CBD strain that reaches the World Health Organization’s purity standards. Read more.