PharmaCielo’s David Gordon talks revitalizing Colombia through the medical cannabis industry

PotNetwork News exclusive, March 29, 2019, By Jordan Shapiro

The Colombian government is building an industry.

“And by extension of building an industry, building an economy,” said David Gordon, Chief Corporate Officer and Board Member of PharmaCielo Ltd. (TSX-V:PCLO) a leading medical cannabis firm based in Canada and Colombia. In an exclusive interview with PotNetwork News, he spoke in detail of Colombia’s growing medical cannabis market. It’s easy to forget that the country only recently emerged from half a century of violent political unrest funded by kidnappings, and illegal mining and drug sales.

Today, however, it has an opportunity to shift by invigorating its economy, bringing in new, international, players, and reclaiming the spaces previously inhabited by violent groups. For Gordon, who has a background in international trade, public policy, and public relations, shifting into the emerging cannabis market came naturally.

“If you look at my CV, my history, PharmaCielo is, in fact, the ultimate culmination of everything I’ve ever done,” said Gordon before discussing his life after graduate school —to which he joked that the number of years since that time would go undisclosed. He continued: “I took a government job… in the international trade sector. Then… I went to work in Public policy… and became an advisor to senior elected officials, including the attorney general, most principally, who is also the minister responsible for native affairs. From there, I got recruited away to join the public relations world.”

It is these skills, a combination of understanding public policy, international trade, public relations, and working with indigenous communities in Canada that set Gordon up to work in Colombia with PharmaCielo. … Read more.