Dr. Anders Milton, MD, PhD

Dr. Milton, owner and CEO of Milton Consulting, based in Sweden, is a highly sought-after consultant within the healthcare sector and a former chairperson of the World Medical Association. He has, during six years, served as president of the European Regional Network on HIV/AIDS (ERNA), as chairman of the board of Vironova AB since 2008 and of Tikomed AB. He is a director of several public and privately held companies and foundations.

Dr. Milton has served as president of the Swedish Red Cross, the People and Defence Foundation, and as president of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (SACO). He has been appointed by the Swedish government as Sweden’s national psychiatric treatment and care coordinator, as chairman of a committee on Swedish HIV/AIDS policies and as a member of the Catastrophe Commission formed following the December 2004 tsunami. Recently he led a select committee studying organ donation and transplantation.

Previously, Dr. Milton served as president and CEO of the Swedish Medical Association.

Dr. Milton originally studied economics before turning to medicine, and after graduating university as a medical doctor and PhD he served as a clinician at the Department of Nephrology at the University Hospital at Uppsala. Throughout his career he has been engaged in work in support of human rights, ethics of medical practice and safe health care, of which effective pharmacotherapy is an integral part.