Dr. Delon Human

Dr. Human, MBChB, MPraxMed, MFGP, DCH, MBA is a published author, international lecturer and health care consultant specializing in global health strategy, corporate and product transformation, harm reduction and health communication.

He has acted as adviser to the WHO director-general and to secretary-general of the UN Ban Ki-moon. Until 2014 he served as secretary-general and special envoy to WHO / UN of the International Food and Beverage Alliance, a group of leading food and non-alcoholic beverage companies with a global presence.

From 1997 to 2005, Dr. Human served as secretary general of the World Medical Association (WMA), the global representative body for physicians. He was instrumental in the establishment of the World Health Professions Alliance, an alliance of the global representative bodies of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and physical therapists. During 2006 he was elected to serve as the secretary-general of the African Medical Association (AfMA). He is a fellow of the Russian and Romanian Academies of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Human qualified as a physician in South Africa and completed his postgraduate studies in family medicine and child health in South Africa and Oxford, England. He was a clinician for two decades, part of the pediatric endocrinology research unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital and was involved in the establishment of several medical centers, a hospital and emergency clinic in South Africa. His business studies (MBA) were completed at the Edinburgh Business School.