Gerard Madlambayan, PhD, United States

Dr. Madlambayan is a professor of biological sciences at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, USA. Prior to this appointment he was faculty at the University of Florida, Department of Medicine. He is recognized for his extensive translational research efforts in stem cell-based therapies and drug discovery related to cancer treatment. Dr. Madlambayan’s current research focuses on understanding how the body’s genetics and internal environment can affect a patient’s response to drug treatment. His work has been funded by the US National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute. The overall goal of his research is to apply his findings towards developing novel, clinically relevant drug treatment strategies to improve overall patient outcome.

Dr. Madlambayan has several years of industry experience where he worked as Senior Scientist and Director at Insception Biosciences, Canada’s leading stem cell therapy company. In his role he was responsible for developing and managing various research programs. He also obtained Food and Drug Administration approval to perform clinical trials to test novel therapeutics in patients and was responsible for overseeing both a R&D laboratory and a GMP certified production laboratory.

Dr. Madlambayan has authored several peer reviewed original papers in high impact journals, review articles and book chapters, presented his research at several national and international conferences and has obtained three patents related to his research work.