José Pablo Saldarriaga

Mr. Saldarriaga is an administrative services specialist with experience and training in the agricultural sector. He has served as coordinator of Commercial Crops and director of Special Projects for Tahami & Cultiflores, commercial director for Abad Faciolince Real Estate and general manager of MATTIS Real Estate in Medellin.

Mr. Saldarriaga received an International Business Management Specialization from del Rosario University in Bogotá and his degree in Agricultural Business Administration from La Salle University. He has continued his education with seminars and courses such as the International Congress on Eco-efficiency and Business Competitiveness in Medellin, the National Congress on Agricultural Marketing and advanced agricultural and administrative training seminars. He is a member of the ANDI del Futoro program, focused on business creation and the training of future business leaders in Colombia.

After completing his high school education at Colegio Benedictino de Santa María in Antioquia, Mr. Saldarriaga studied as an exchange student in Canada at Luther College High School in Regina and Polyvalente Benoit-Vachon in Québec. He is multilingual, with certification in English and excellent command of French in addition to his native Spanish.