Why do you think medical cannabis will disrupt the pharma industry?

Health Europa Quarterly, 29 July 2019

PharmaCielo’s Global Head of Health and Innovation and Chair of the Company’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board has recently published a profile interview with a leading digital medical news journal covering Europe and beyond, Health Europa Quarterly. (More about Dr. Delon Human here.)

Medical cannabis can reach new heights – as long as the researchers and policymakers keep their feet on the ground.

Dr Delon Human, Head of Innovation and Medical Affairs of PharmaCielo Ltd., a global medical cannabis company headquartered in Toronto has decades of experience as a health consultant. This experience includes high-ranking appointments with both the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Medical Association (WMA), Dr Human has seen trends come and go. However, medical cannabis, he says, will only keep growing.

Having shaken off its counterculture mantle and taken root in health care, cannabis offers opportunities to a range of stakeholders – from innovators and investors to suffering individuals. As the industry matures, Dr Human wants to ensure the benefits continue to outpace the risks.

As it happens, Dr Human comes from a background of harm reduction and has spent much of his career fighting the excesses of tobacco, alcohol, and substance use. Which raises the question: why would a man who has devoted years to helping people ‘say no’ step into leadership position at a cannabis company?

In this intimate interview, Dr Human explains what drove his decision, why he thinks medical cannabis will disrupt the pharma industry as we know it, and why people should be playing close attention to the sector.

Let’s also not forget animals. If Dr Human’s predictions bear out, pets and farm animals will benefit as much from medical cannabis as their human counterparts.

Dr Human also explains what sets PharmaCielo apart—like the fact that the company grows its cannabis under open skies in Colombia (hence the word “cielo,” or sky, in the name) and partners with a combination of professional flower growers, rural farmers and indigenous peoples with centuries-old expertise to support its farming operations; or why PharmaCielo has placed its bets on cannabis oils and extracts, rather than dried flowers, for its finished products.

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